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~!! Sabhi Dukho Ka Nidaan !!~

!! सीता राम मंत्र लेखन के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे !!

Dr. Mishra Jee has captivated my heart and soul by his loud and lucid recitation of mantras and slokas. Moreover, his innovative method of prediction and their remedies make him undoubtebly a true astrologer.

Kamlesh Chandra Tiwari, Dnyandhara Coaching Classes, Mumbai

I am fortunate one to have blessings of GOD, GURU AND GOVERNERS (3G) who opened my gate to success. Ever since my star mentor Dr.Balkrishna Mishra (Vidya Varidhi PH.D) performed KALSARP POOJA, obstacles fizzled out and my concentration power enhanced that helped me a lot to crack IIT JEE examination 2012. Today I am pursuing a Dual Degree Course B.Tech (Civil Engineering) and M.Tech (Structural engineering) from IIT Roorkee I owe a lot too to....... him

Pushtivardhan Pranav Misra

Dr Balkrishna Mishra is having a terrific knowledge of astrology and vedic mantras.I was facing a hard time in early 2011 i was not able to concentrate on anything,but his guidance helped me a lot in many i am pursuing Aviation studies.All Thanks to him.

Amit Yadav