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~!! Sabhi Dukho Ka Nidaan !!~

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SITARAM Mantra is afar the boundaries of Human Comprehension. Ram is the Worldwide Consciousness, within and without us and recognized as the Masculine Energy. SITA is the SHAKTI of Universe, the Power and the Feminine Energy. The combination or merger of these two energies give enlightenment to the KUNDALINI SHAKTI, since Ram is Truth & Virtue, the Super Consciousness with whom SITA the power of Universe give experience of merger of self with the Cosmic Power. Ram known as ‘MARAYADAPURUSHOTTAM’, the perfect man, and is the BEEJA MANTRA of the Manipur chakra or Solar Plexus. SITA known as the daughter of the Earth directly connected with Muladara Chakra or Root Cycle. Therefore by chanting and writing SITARAM one can ignites the inner fires which cleanse all physical, mental and karmic impurities. We become super conscious about our will power; routine work; what to achieve and the wisdom that leads the right path in our life and can develop health, wealth and abundance skills in life which are the blessings of the MULADHARA CHAKRA or SITA.

By writing SITARAM, one can vibrates all the NADIS and CHAKRAS of the Human system also releases all the toxins from our body and brings equilibrium to the imbalances in our Hormones system. As we chant, we experience a deep state of peace and relaxation. Regular chanting dissolves habitual stresses and tensions. Our negative karma burns and dissolves and our inner bliss begins to blossom in us. When we chant SITARAM consistently and in a disciplined manner, we find exuberant vitality. The ego melts away and vanishes. The vibrations of SITARAM form a strong cover, & shield, which protects us from the negativity around us. We are protected from all evil, psychic attacks and possible harms. The power and vibration of SITARAM MANTRA change a person in entirety. The peace and inner bliss reflect on the face as TEJAS or SPIRITUAL GLOW. The improved physical and mental health, balance, prosperity, improved relationships, the connection with inner self and God bring about fulfillment in life.

Advantages of Sitaram Mantralekhan

  • 1. Mantras are nothing but group of musical soundwhich is the therapy for mind and soul.
  • 2. While writing in chanting Oslo sound vibration generates which create positivity and destroy negativity.
  • 3. All world religions use mantras in one or other way. Sitaram Mantra is similar to the hyms of Bible and the Quran.
  • 4. Vibration of this Mantra can balance the secretion of hormones. Imbalance of hormonal activity is the root cause of our illness.
  • 5. Vibration of this Mantra create positive effect on body mind and soul.
  • 6. writing Mantra is a way to get self protection shield for our body.
  • 7. It is a wish granting Mahamantra.
  • 8. If you write minimum 108 times daily it will stimulate will power.
  • 9. Ensure that the vibration of Mantra must reach deep into your heart.
  • 10. Writing and chanting of mantras is one of form of yoga which can develop healing mechanism in your body.

So, come and invite your friends to enjoy the blessings of Sita Ram Mantra. Thank you.

Dr.Balkriahna Mishra JyotishacharyaPh.D., Kashi A new schemefor writing SitaramMaha Mantra sponsored by maaSavitriJyotishAnusandhan Kendra. Honorable devotees, Our institution has launched a website and mobile applications to write SitaramMaha Mantra online. This facility is very unique in Sanatan Dharma. Rishi in Maharishi is and mahamuni have used this method manually since long. GoswamiTulsidas used in his birthplace Saso. Jai Ram Baba used this method and got a clear vision of Mahabali Hanuman Ji. Friends, we are living in an age of Technology. Most of us use computer mobile and Internet. This institution has set up a system of e-banking. you can write Sitaram Mantra as much as you wish and deposit daily in the Sitaram Bank. Our Dharma Says, after Death man is everything on the earth but the good deeds (Punya) goes with him. So friends, come and deposit such a valuable amount which will support you in next world.

Aims to write Sitaram Mantra Writing Sitaram Mantra can Blaze all poems of a man’s life:Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. Sitaram Mantra, A special boon to youths By this Mantra you can develop will-power, self confidence, health, wealth, peace and prosperity. In Vedas, it is said –“Atiprakashvanschaiva mantra bhavatilekhanat.” It means, by constant writing and chanting mantras can give us a special energy. Offers It has been decided to encourage the writers through the institute for writing Sitaram Mantra which is as follows.
  • 1. The person who writessitaram mantra 51000 time within a month from the date of registration will get 15 minute free jyotishconsultantation. (Actual cost is Rs. 1500)
  • 2. The person who writes sitaram mantra 111000 time within a month or before from the date of registration will gethis SampurnaJeevanDarpanfor free.(Actual cost is Rs. 3100)
  • 3. The person who writes sitaram mantra 1100000 time within 1year or before from the date of registration will getoportunity of becoming Yajmanabsoulutely free for KalsarpYog and Grah shanti Yagyaorganized annually by the trust on the occasion of Nagpanchami. (Actual cost is Rs. 25000)

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