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~!! Sabhi Dukho Ka Nidaan !!~

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"Dr. Mishra, is a dedicated worker in the field of Spiritualism & Hinduism. Born in a Pandit family and grown with the teachings of his father and grandfather, Dr. Mishra has achieved multiple knowledge in the field of Vedic Disciplines & Spiritualism. He however has studied specially Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) Vedas & Sanskrit but masters multiple directions of Vedic & spiritual sciences apart from his own territory. His wise advises, sharp analysis and lively philosophy have been amazingly keeping him all time favorite in his thousands of admirers in India. With his knowledge, Dr. Mishra has helped thousands of people in India.

Dr. Mishra, called as Acharya too, has been practicing Astrology right after his graduation and now is popular not only for his expertise but also for educating and training the intellectuals in this area. He has made number of astrologers in India by his teachings and training.

Dr. Mishra is founder member of MAA SAVITRI JYOTISH ANUSANDHAN KENDRA. This is a prestigious name in spiritual world for knowledge and services. Dr. Mishra is a Professor of Sanskrit and Astrology and is helped by several other professors and teachers. Besides, he is a good writer, impressive speaker and an amazing advisor for well-beings.


काव्यशास्त्रविनोदेन कालो गच्छति धीमताम्। व्यसनेन च मूर्खाणां निद्रया कलहेन वा॥

"Wise people spend their time in learning scriptures and debating on constructing things. And fools spend their time on addictions, sleeping and in quarrel." - Hitopadesh

Since Planets keep moving and that changes your life situations in your life. Your good things may become bad and bad may become worse. Fewer things become automatically good. To check what is going on in your coming years and to check when will you get rid of your problems; By Kundli Match you can check the compatibility between you and your partner. This gives idea of internal character of the partner and his changing attitudes with good and bad times. You need to score minimum 18 out of 36 points and you need to avoid having NADI DOSHA, GANA DOSHA, BHAKOOT DOSHA, MANGALIK DOSHA, VAIDHAVYA DOSHA, BANDHYA DOSHA etc. Dr. Mishra always suggests different kind of Vedic Anushthaan, Puja, Yagyas as these are always working in positive and no side effects on humans. Dr. Mishra and his vastu knowledge will give you a fair idea about VASTU SCIENCE and how its influences your life and work both, since it is the combination of five natural elements. It creates good and bad energy for a group living or working at a particular place. Dr. Mishra or his associated astrologer need to visit your place and then follows a 24 hour examination in your office / Home.

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